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On the market every bodybuilder – regardless of the level of their training experience – can find the best protein supplements for themselves, and also other supplements that will help them to achieve specific sports goals. But what to look for when choosing them? First of all, the basic step is to read carefully the range of available products, and make sure which one would be best for you. How to do that? Analyse carefully the goals that you want to achieve thanks to dietary supplements, and choose those that will help you, paying particular attention to the active substances and the effects of preparations.

If your goal is to build lean muscle mass, you might be interested in gainers containing eg. 10 to 19% of protein. They were created to help athletes in oxygen and anaerobic training. Their role is to increase muscle glycogen, and also to facilitate a faster recovery of the body in between training sessions. They are dedicated to people with fast metabolism, but also who have difficulties with getting a lean body mass. This type of supplement mainly comprised of creatine, ecdysterone and MCT oil. Mass supplements, or weight gainers with a higher protein content of between 20-29% are recommended for athletes who wants the amino acids to reach all the cells in the organism. Yo will know these products by the fact that they contain BCAA amino acids, MCT oil, as well as glutamine and creatine, which provides energy and protects muscles.