What you should know about protein supplements for athletes?

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When buying a protein supplement you should keep in mind to pay attention to your diet and the moment of staring your workouts. This makes it easier to choose the best type of product and adjust it to individual goals. On the market there is a wide range of sports supplements, but keep in mind the percentage breakdown of proteins. Protein supplement containing from 50-69% of the protein can be considered as a supplement to the daily diet due to the huge amount of the amino acids and carbohydrates with an appropriate dose of fats.

Such products are produced by companies: BSN, Dymatize Nutrition, Muscle Tech, PVL. However, if you play sports regularly, and you care about delivering the amino acids in a gradual manner, then casein may be your choice, which is the slowest digested amino acid. If you exercise intensely and want to prevent night catabolism – you need casein protein. The result of such treatment is increased IGF-1 levels in the body, responsible for growth. Micellar casein is the purest form of protein, which usually occurs in cow’s milk. It helps prepare the body for the workout, and should be used when pauses between meals are long. Its extra benefit is that it can also be used at night when the body’s demand for amino acids is increased. Calcium casein is obtained from skimmed milk, and the production process is very careful, so proteins can be devoid of mineral salts and carbohydrates. It is distinguished by a high concentration of glutamine, which supports digestion of the organism.